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We want to see a world where everyone in later life can participate in their community.

The challenge

Community can be an important part of later life. 87% of people aged 65 plus feel they belong strongly to their neighbourhood.

Older people contribute to their community, society and the economy in a number of ways including volunteering. There are 2.5 million volunteers aged 65 plus in England alone and this has significant benefits for volunteers as well – providing an opportunity to meet new people, increasing confidence and reducing stress.

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What we do

We provide financial and non-financial support to our local and international partners to help them provide more and better services for older people in their local area, and to ensure that their voices are heard - both in Westminster and in their local communities. We continue to highlight the significant contributions made by older people and to improve the experience of Age UK’s volunteers who are so vital to our work.

£28.3 million in funding to local Age UKs, supporting them to deliver services to older people in communities across England.Our work today

Local services to benefit older people

In November 2013 we started assessing local Age UKs against joint Age UK and Age England Association (AEA) Organisational Quality Standards to ensure that the Age UK network is effective, that its work benefits older people, and its services and activities are of a high quality. The Standards are endorsed by the Charity Commission, the regulatory body for charities, and assessed by an external auditor.

All local Age UKs will be assessed and accredited by 30 September 2015.

Listening to the views of older people

Age UK is committed to involving older people to inform our priorities and shape what we do and how we do it. We have introduced a variety of new national engagement programmes which give a diverse range of older people, including those who are seldom heard, the opportunity to volunteer to join in and have a voice.

This year we launched our new Services Sounding Board. It enables older people to provide insight into the issues they face with public services, such as gaps in service provision, barriers to access and service quality. Members help us understand the need for services, generate ideas and consider solutions, service changes and the outcomes our services should deliver.

This year Services Sounding Board members have fed into Age UK’s information and advice strategy, dementia services and our work on scams and digital innovations. They have also supported Age UK’s service pilots and new funding bids at different stages of their development.

Our plans for 2015/16

  • In consultation with our local and national partners, we will secure sustainable and forward thinking legal agreements that ensure successful partnerships for the next five years.
  • We will begin the transformation of the Age UK network’s digital capabilities to ensure that it is equipped for an increasingly digital future.
  • We will continue to support our local partners to win contracts and develop paid for services to ensure their sustainability and to provide more and better services for their community.
  • We will use the insight from volunteer research to continue to improve the experiences of the volunteers who support all areas of our work.
  • We will support 3,300 Older People’s Associations in 24 countries to participate in decision-making processes.

If you'd like more information about our work, download our Annual Review. Alternatively, you can download and read Age UK’s full reports of Trustees and Annual Accounts for 2014/15.

Annual Review: Our Big Moments 2014/15 (PDF 1 MB)

Report of Trustees and Annual Accounts 2014/15 (PDF 3 MB)

250 older people gathered at Westminster on 24 March 2015 for Age UK's General Election Rally, putting their questions to party leaders and other politicians.
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