Agenda for later life 2014


We are delighted to introduce the 2014 edition of Agenda for Later Life, Age UK’s annual overview of how public policy is meeting the needs of people in later life.

We are passionate that everyone should have the opportunity to be able to make the most of later life, whatever their circumstances, wants and needs, and our report sets out the steps that need to be taken to ensure that we can all love later life.

The report covers all aspects of ageing:

  • money matters
  • health and care
  • housing
  • having the opportunity to participate and be recognised as a valued member of society.

Each chapter also covers key global aspects of ageing. Age UK works through its partner, Age International, to improve later life in more than 40 developing countries, and we strongly believe that building a society for all ages is a global priority.

This will be a critical year for ageing policy, in the run up to a General Election in the UK, a referendum on independence for Scotland, and globally as the United Nations considers the successor to the Millennium Development Goals.

We hope that you find this report helpful in setting out Age UK’s policy priorities for the year head.

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