Our Computer Skills courses offer people the opportunity to gain basic IT skills such as surfing the internet, sending and receiving emails and communicating via Skype.

IT now plays a huge role in the lives of both individuals, businesses and organisations. Many organisations have become 'paperless', opting to store information in only digitally formats. 

If you would like to learn more about IT, how to use a computer and how these skills could benefit you then why not try our 12 week Computer Skills course? 

You don’t need any equipment or previous experience to attend our programme.

The 12 one hour sessions are free with training provided on a one-to-one basis by one of our friendly volunteers.

We can also provide six one hour sessions in small groups for people requiring iPad/Android tablet tuition with specialised volunteer tutors. 

Our sessions enable people to realise the wealth of information available through the internet, as well as how to communicate with friends and family world wide.


Volunteer IT Co-ordinator 

Tel: 01274 395144

Email: it.volunteer@ageukbradfordanddistrict.org.uk