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Organisation contacts

Chief Executive Officer - Gary Jones

Services Managers –  Peter Cattanach, Monica Riveros, Sue Sommers


Finance Manager – Barish Sonmez


Communications and Campaigns Manager - Clare O'Driscoll


Information, Advice and Advocacy Manager - Hira Bhanderi
HR Manager - Joan Brunt
Volunteering Manager - Geraldine McCarthy
Counselling Services Manager – Maria Alicia Vicencio-Silva


Opening Doors London (LGBT) Manager - Stacey Halls


Great Croft Resource Centre Manager - Abul Choudhury
Henderson Court Resource Centre Manager - Laurie White
Charity Shops Area Manager - Nita Patel


Computer Training Coordinator - Kamye Miessen
NW3 Good Neighbours Coordinator - Jane Matheson


Dementia Adviser Service Coordinator - Peter Gill


Dementia Befriending Co-ordinator – Tracey McDermott