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Staying active

As people are living longer there are higher expectations of what to expect from older age. Older people have a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge of life that could enhance or be brought to use for the benefit of the community.

Couple walkingRetiring from full or even part time employment can be a mixed blessing. An abundance of 'free time' combined with a reduction of income can sometimes prove to be a challenging time for some 'retirees'.


There are a huge range of ways that older people can use their skills, gain new skills, make new friends and help others. Age UK Camden can support you with the provision of activities, education, information and advice and counselling.


Age UK Camden works to ensure that as we get older, life is still fulfilling and enjoyable as ever. We have highlighted some of the ways that people can still contribute to their local communities.


You can find out more about active citizenship, opportunities to learn and planning for retirement below.