Whether it's through donating, volunteering or fundraising, all your generous support makes a huge difference to older people in Camden. Here are just some examples of how your support has been able to help so far.

More financial support and fewer worries

Harry is 63 and lives alone. He has various health conditions and was finding it difficult to cope. He was already receiving some benefits but we helped him to do an online benefit check, which showed that he could also apply for pension credit.

We helped Harry to successfully apply for this benefit, which has helped to improve his lifestyle through increasing his income, giving him more financial support for his health care, and fewer worries.

Inceased income and improved lifestyle

Elsie is 78 and lives alone in a council flat. Since her husband passed away in 2015 she has felt increasingly lonely and isolated. Her husband’s death also meant she was receiving less in benefits, which was causing financial difficulties.

We helped Elsie to find out what benefits she could receive and helped her do a benefits check. This showed there were a couple of benefits Elsie could claim that she didn’t even know existed. We helped her to successfully apply for these benefits, which has increased her income and improved her lifestyle.

A huge difference

Sarah is 64 and lives alone, she does not have many friends or family who live nearby and also has a mental health condition.

We helped Sarah to do a benefit check and to successfully apply for benefits. We also liaised with an energy supplier about a debt on her behalf and referred her to our counselling service for help with some personal problems.

Sarah said our support made a huge difference to her life.

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