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Community care

Community care is the combination of services and resources that a person needs to live their life as independently as possible. This can include eg housing, benefits, leisure and educational opportunities and social services.

Two people sitting on sofaThese provisions or services can be provided by a variety of organisations within the public, voluntary and private sectors.


For most people 'community care' will mean the support they need to remain at home. However some people will need the higher level of support that is provided in a residential care home or a nursing home (see below for advice on choosing a care home).


Some people who need help with their personal care may choose to pay for their services privately but many will ask Camden Council's Adult Social Care services to carry out an assessment of their needs to identify what help can be provided. The Council has a statutory responsibility to carry out an assessment which will decide eligibility for services and the level of need.


If you are looking for a care home, the Care Quality Commision can provide you with free, independent reports on the quality of your local homes and care services to help you make an informed choice. The Commision is a voluntary sector body whose role is to inspect and report on adult care services and councils, with the aim of improving social care and combatting bad practice.


The Age UK Camden advice and support team can discuss with you your particular circumstances and advise on how to get the help you need.


Social Services access information team: