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Older manWhat is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is a term that means to help protect vulnerable adults from Abuse. Vulnerable adults can be older people, people with a physical or learning disability, people who have a sight or hearing impairment, or a mental illness.


Elder abuse can be perpetrated by a friend, family member, neighbour, carer, stranger, or anyone else.


What types of elder abuse/safeguarding concerns are there?

There are many types of abuse:


  • Financial abuse – taking money (however little), or using cheques, bank cards, pensions etc.
  • Sexual abuse – abuse or assault in a sexual way
  • Neglect –someone may not be receiving the care or support they need
  • Physical abuse – physical assault or harm
  • Psychological abuse – verbally taunting, harassment or emotional abuse
  • Discrimination – abuse based on skin colour, religion, culture, sexuality or similar issue
  • Institutional – Where someone is harmed, in any of the above ways in an institutional setting, such as a hospital or care home


What can Age UK Camden do to help?

Jo Holloway, Age UK Camden’s Advice and Rights Manager, is the staff member appointed to support people with safeguarding concerns. Jo or one of the Advice and Support team will help support you (or your friend, relative etc) through the process of reporting the situation, and deciding whether you want to take the matter further.


We support people in interviews with social services, the police, or other organizations, but if you don’t want to take it that far, we can help you to look for other support or ways of preventing abuse happening in the future.


If you suspect that you or someone you know may be being taken advantage of, or may be suffering from some form of elder abuse, contact Jo or her team using the contact details below.


Jo Holloway

Advice & Rights Manager