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Minority Ethnic Groups

Our aim is to provide services that meet the needs of all ethnic communities, and that are accessible to all members of the community. We also run services targeted at specific members of the community.

Our aims are to promote our services to:

  • The local community
  • Involve the local ethnic community
  • Involve family carers
  • Celebrate each other's cultures, cuisine and music
  • To ensure that there is a variety of activities and opportunity for everyone.

Great Croft resource centre

At Great Croft resource centre (King's Cross) we run a Bangladeshi/Asian Men's Group every Wednesday from 9.30am - 4.30pm.


Activities include:

  • Gentle Exercise
  • Advice Session
  • Bengali live music
  • Craft/Card making sessions
  • Outings/Trips
  • Massage session
  • ESOL (English Class)
  • Games
  • Day Opportunities Reach Nurse session

Transport and Halal food are provided.


At Great Croft we also work very closely with Bangladeshi/Asian family carers, providing a service that offers short daybreak respite and on-going support to them.

What is on offer to Carers:

  • A weekly Monday morning Craft group
  • A monthly support session with the Day Opportunities Reach Nurse
  • Weekly benefits advice session
  • Outings
  • Regular telephone contacts
  • Home visits
  • Help with liaison with other appropriate agencies
  • Short respite Daybreaks for family carer


Great Croft resource centre
Cromer Street


Phone: 020 7278 5090
Fax: 020 7713 9352


In addition, our Information Advice & Advocacy team provides advice sessions for the Bangladeshi/Asian group at Great Croft resource centre once a month (Wednesday). Where appropriate we will do home visits for the Asian community using relevant language speakers.


For more information about these services call the Information Advice & Advocacy team on 020 7239 0400.