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Shopping service

Do you have problems doing your shopping? Is it difficult for you to carry your shopping upstairs? Are you too far from the local big supermarket? Then here's a suggestion.

Two people talkingOnline shopping has been around for some time, but people without access to the internet have so far been excluded from this convenient form of getting their groceries and household supplies. So why not use a service which is designed to make your life easier and give you a greater choice of products?


Age UK Camden provides a service to help older people to take advantage of online shopping without having their own computer and without leaving their homes.


How the service works

Once you register with Age UK Camden's Shopping Service, an account will be opened for you with the supermarket of your choice. We will then telephone you at regular agreed intervals to take your order and transmit this straight to the supermarket, who will then deliver your shopping to you on an agreed date and at an agreed time. The delivery driver will bring your purchases into your home if you ask, and will even help put things away if he has time.  The driver will know that you are an Age UK Camden customer and will take special care to make sure you are happy.


The supermarket will make a charge for delivery, which will vary depending on the day and time chosen by you, and this is added to the bill which you pay when the order is accepted by debiting your bank or credit card. You do not pay the delivery driver. And that's all there is to it!


Age UK Camden charges clients £5 per shop to provide the service, this charge to be taken from your bank account by variable monthly direct debit.  Shop every week and the charge will be £20 per month, shop once a month and the charge will be £5.  The benefit of using this service is that your shopping can be done at an appointed time every week, or less frequently, and you will speak with someone who works with older people on a regular basis and understands your needs.  


Full details and registration forms are available from Iain Thomas, Shopping Service Coordinator below.  


Iain Thomas

Shopping Service Coordinator