Home from Hospital and Reablement Service

Age UK Croydon offers a Home from Hospital and Reablement Service, in partnership with The British Red Cross.

British Red Cross

The service is available to people living in the Borough of Croydon who have recently been in hospital, and are aged 50 or over (but exceptions can be made where there is clearly a defined need). There are two main elements to this project.


We are working in partnership with Healthwatch Croydon to engage Croydon University Hospital patients over the age of 65 about their experiences with hospital discharges. The data we have collected will provide Healthwatch Croydon with a framework of ways that the hospital discharge process can more effectively meet the needs of patients. This collaboration is due to be completed in early November 2015. For more information please click here.

 Home from Hospital

The Home from Hospital Service offers practical help and support at discharge.

This could include:

• Getting some essential shopping at discharge

• Collecting prescriptions or GP letters

• A ‘check and chat’ service

• Assistance with letter writing and posting

• Topping up gas/electricity and helping to assist paying bills

 Reablement Service

The reablement service aims to help clients to set Individual goals, tailored to their needs and wishes.

 Examples may include:

• Helping to develop, practice and maintain a routine for carrying out domestic chores

• Improving indoor and outdoor mobility

• Helping to gain the confidence to shop independently

• Helping to access transport (buses, trains, taxis etc) and practising using them

• Practising safe and hygienic meal preparation

• Encouraging general well-being and motivation through befriending

• Building confidence to start or restart a hobby, local activity or community interest

• Helping clients explore further options available to them (if required).


This is not a cleaning and/or shopping service, but if a client wants to become more independent and sets as one of their goals that they want to be able to do their own cleaning and/or shopping we would support them.


For more about local cleaning services please see our Home Services Page.

For more information telephone  020 3701 3265, or e-mail angela.clarke@ageukcroydon.org.uk

You can also contact Laura Breadon via email: laura.breadon@ageukcroydon.org.uk or her mobile number: 07391 683 600