78-year-old Gareth was targeted by an elaborate courier scam in March and had £8,000 stolen from him.

"On Tuesday 24 March, I had a call at his home from a man claiming to be a detective sergeant in the Metropolitan Police.
"He said said they had two people in custody who had hacked into my bank account after a bank employee had allegedly given them my account details.
"The caller said my money was safe, but warned me not to discuss the case with anyone else as the police were planning to raid the bank and then gave me a telephone number and told me to call it.
"I rang the number and spoke to a woman who said she was from the head office of my local bank and she told me to go to my bank and withdraw £8,000 and hand it to a courier for safe keeping.
"I took the money from my bank and two separate couriers came - the first one did not take the money, but the second one called at 7.30pm and took away my £8,000.

"The callers rang me again but I got suspicious and I went and spoke to the bank.
"Luckily, the bank returned my money but I felt terrible when I realised that I had been scammed and I’d lost almost all of my lifesavings.

“The whole thing was very convincing and I never thought I’d get caught out.”
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