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Lottery Name: The Age Concern and Help the Aged Weekly Lottery

Promoting Society: Age Concern Enterprises Ltd

Lottery Administration & Player Support: email lottery@ageuk.org.uk or call 01524 752 963.

1. Your purchase of lottery chances is from the Society solely in accordance with the terms under which the Society from time to time promotes its lotteries. Full details of these terms can be supplied to you upon request by e-mailing to player support at the email address listed above.

2. By registering on this website, you acknowledge that you will have no claim against us for any failure of any equipment or software (wherever located or administered and whether or not under our control) or any other delay or failure which may delay or prevent your purchase of lottery chances.

3. You represent and agree to abide by the Lottery Rules (see below).

4. You agree that you shall not be entitled to receive any prize if you are unable to substantiate to the promoting Society your representations under paragraphs 3 (a)‚ (b) and (c) above.

5. You agree that we are the sole owner of all rights to technology‚ software and business systems utilized in this website and that your use of this website (and registration thereon) confers no rights whatsoever to intellectual property contained or utilized therein. Use or publication by you of any item displayed on this website is strictly prohibited. Subject thereto (and to the rights of copyright owners other than ourselves) documents appearing on this website may be copied by you for your personal use only and on condition that the copyright notice and source indications are also copied‚ that no modifications are made and that the document is copied in its entirety.

6. You accept that this lottery is regulated by the opens link in new window opens link in new window Gambling Commission  and that in certain circumstances we may be unable to provide refunds or replacements once you have purchased your chances.

7. You accept that we are unable to provide a refund for tickets purchased as this is prohibited under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 as amended.

8. You consent to our use of information you provide to us as set out in our Security and Privacy Policy.

9. If you do not wish to receive further mailings from us, please email player support at lottery@ageuk.org.uk


Applications must be from players 16 years and over.

1. The society will conduct the draw every Friday. The draw will be conducted by a random number generator.

2. The winning numbers will be published on this website and will be available from the Age Concern and Help the Aged Weekly Lottery Helpline from the following day; to contact the Helpline‚ please telephone 01524 752 963.

3. The cost of each entry is £1. Players may purchase more than one entry and payment must be made in advance.

4. All profits from the Lottery go to Age Concern Enterprises Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Age Concern England (charity number 261794) which has merged with Help the Aged (charity number 272786) to form Age UK‚ a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England: registered office address 207–221 Pentonville Road‚ London‚ N1 9UZ‚ company number 6825798‚ registered charity number 1128267.

5. The society may reject any application without giving reason at its absolute discretion. No detail in the application may be changed in any way once it has been submitted‚ except for a change of address.

6. The prizes for the Age Concern and Help the Aged Weekly Lottery are printed in the leaflets provided and on the Age Concern and Help the Aged Lottery website. There are no alternatives to any prize and no interest is payable. Prizes will be sent by cheque within 14 days.

7. The society reserves the right to use winners’ names for promotional purposes. These will only be in summary‚ e.g. Mrs Smith from Surrey.

8. The society is not responsible for any delay in bank payments.

9. No liability is accepted for the loss‚ theft or delayed receipt of any communication sent by post.

10. The society may (without giving any reason or notice) decline to accept an application‚ cancel an existing subscription‚ or terminate or suspend the lottery scheme.

11. The Society’s decisions made pursuant to the rules shall‚ once made‚ be final and binding. Responsible person: Gordon Morris Age Concern Enterprises Limited‚ 4th Floor‚ York House‚ Pentonville Road‚ London N1 9UZ. Licenced by the opens link in new window opens link in new window Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005 licence number 004887. Not to be sold by or to anyone under 16 years of age.

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Lottery helpline

If you need assistance, please call our lottery helpline number.

01524 752 963


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