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cARTrefu, which means to reside in Welsh, is a four year programme run by Gwanwyn which aims to improve access to quality arts experiences for older people in residential care.

Between 2015 and 2017 Age Cymru recruited 16 professional artists in four different fields: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Words and Music. These artists each delivered eight 8-week residencies across the length and breadth of Wales, introducing a mix of established art forms and new activities residents may not have had the chance to experience before.

cARTrefu has been a huge success and over the past two years our artists have delivered over 1,000 art workshops in care homes around Wales. Age Cymru was able to offer these workshops entirely for free due to the generous support from the Arts Council of Wales and the Baring Foundation.

In 2017 cARTrefu re-launched with a brand new team of 12 artists, this time working in care homes for 12 weeks. With our second team of cARTrefu artists we want to push the boundaries of what has been attempted in care homes before, and hope to inspire bold and striking new art work from the residents our artists work with.

We hope that cARTrefu will foster a greater appreciation of the arts among care home staff as they work with our artists. We want care home staff to gain more confidence and acquire new skills, sharing and practicing them in their daily work with residents.

cARTrefu has designed an activity pack for care homes, based on the work our first cARTrefu team of artists developed in care homes. The activity pack feature 20 simple but effective activities for care home staff to run with residents and are free to all care homes in Wales.

To obtain your free pack, please get in touch with cARTrefu Project Coordinator Reg Noyes

If you'd like more information about our cARTrefu project, please contact us or visit the Gwanwyn website.

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