Every year, around one in three over-65s living in the community and one in two people aged over 85 will have a fall.

There are many reasons why the risk of falls and fractures increases with age, including weaker bones and muscles and being less mobile.

The good news is that there are many simple things that you can do to stay on your feet and reduce your risk of falling. It’s really important to let your GP know if you have been feeling unsteady or falling will connect you with the people and services that can help you to stay independent and get your confidence back. If you have fallen or are having problems with your balance or walking then your GP can refer you to a specialist health professional in a falls team/clinic (if the NHS has this service in your area). They will assess you and provide you with an action plan to reduce your risk of falling.

Age Cymru top tips to keep you staying steady

Keep Active

Physical activity can improve your fitness and your independence; walking and gardening are easily accessible forms of exercise.  Balance training classes will include exercises to strengthen the muscles of your legs and body and to improve your co-ordination and balance.

Get your eyesight checked 

Your vision plays an important role in your sense of balance and movement, so it’s worth having your eyes checked regularly, at least every two years or so.

Manage your medication 

Some medicines can make you faint or unsteady, so let your GP know if you ever feel like this.  Both your GP and local pharmacist can review your medication and check that the dose and type is correct.

Look after your feet

Looking after your feet and having regular foot-care check-ups are very important as foot problems, such as long toe nails, can have a major affect on mobility, balance and stability.
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