Paying for care and support at home in Wales

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If your local authority has assessed you and you need care and support, you will then be means tested to see how much you need to contribute, if anything, and how much the council will pay towards it. Local authorities are able to design and operate their own individual charging schemes – however, in doing so, each authority has to ensure that it meets certain minimum requirements set out in national Welsh Government legislation and accompanying guidance (so in reality there will be a certain amount of standardisation across different local authority areas).

Where the authority does choose to charge, it must be set at a ‘reasonable’ level. The authority is able to make a decision on what it considers reasonable, but in so doing the charge must:

  • relate to the actual cost of providing the service concerned and therefore not be more than the cost to the authority of providing or arranging that service
  • take account of the financial ability of the recipient and, as such, impose a charge that is reasonably practicable for them to pay
  • not exceed a maximum of £60 per week (this figure may increase from April 2016). 

An important element of the means test is that service users should have a certain amount of ‘protected income’ – that is, after paying their contribution for services they should have that level of protected income left to live on. Therefore, depending on your circumstances, you may well pay less than the maximum weekly charge mentioned above - i.e. if paying that sort of level of charge would leave you with insufficient income to live on. Our factsheet below has further information on the charging procedure, including how your protected income will be worked out:     

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