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My Home Life Cymru is led and funded by Age Cymru.

Since early 2009, My Home Life Cymru has worked with care homes to identify areas of good practice and promoting quality of life for older people through relationship centered, evidence based practice.

Lady measuring flour - About usPeople are entering care homes much later in life, often with complex care needs, and residential care has to be responsive to this.Care homes are often seen by the media and others as a negative option for older people, but, there are many examples of excellent practice within many care homes, where residents, relatives and staff are at the centre of residential home life.

My Home Life Cymru prompts care homes to consider the following questions, and offers support in making positive answers a workable reality:

  • How can residents, staff, managers and visitors be supported to share the best of what they do so they are seen as positive choices and good places to live, love, dream, laugh, learn and connect with others is a normal part of everyday life?
  • How can residents be invited to direct their own lives and use their experiences to help others?
  • How can care staff be inspired and motivated through better leadership and training?
  • How can friends and family become more involved in care home life?

As we get older, our needs and circumstances may change and for many this could mean that a care home is the best place for our needs to be met. For many, this can be a daunting prospect. However, living, visiting and working in a care home can be a positive experience that can lead to the forming and developing of close relationships that can enhance the quality of life of those involved.

My Home Life Cymru helps residents, relatives, visitors and members of staff focus on the issues that are important in maintaining a good quality of life. In the development of My Home Life, over 60 academic researchers worked in partnership with care home practitioners, independent advisors and voluntary groups to examine evidence on the quality of life of older people in care homes.  This research helped identify eight best practice themes which together form a vision for care homes.

As a manager of a care home, member of staff, resident, visitor or professional who commissions care home services, quality of life issues are important to you. My Home Life Cymru is working with care homes across Wales to help develop and share ideas and initiatives to encourage everyone involved in the care home sector to improve the quality of life of those living, visiting and working in care homes for older people.


For more information: Contact our My Home Life Cymru team 029 2043 1555