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Moving into a care home can be a very traumatic experience for the new resident as well as their family and loved ones.

However, this difficult period can be made easier by the empathetic and understanding attitude of the staff at the home. Care home residents inform the work of My Home Life Cymru by being involved in consultations and events.

We know that there are many, many examples of good practice in care homes enhancing the lives of older people in Wales because the residents tells us about their experiences.


The best care homes that we visit are those that work closely with relatives and friends of the residents who live there. Relatives who are shown empathy and emotional support become part of the care home family adding to the life of the home.

At My Home Life we encourage care home managers and carers to walk in the shoes of the relatives they work with, often they are dealing with loss and guilt, their loved-ones move to the care home may not have been planned and could have followed a time of difficulty and stress.

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