Antibiotics and cold and flu

Source : Age Cymru
Published on 18 November 2011 02:30 PM

Responding to reports in the media today that a quarter of people wrongly believe antibiotics work on most coughs and colds, Joanne Bass, Age Cymru’s Keep Well this Winter Coordinator says:

“Today’s report findings are worrying because they indicate that large swathes of the population potentially do not know how to look after their health.

“It is a concern that so many people wrongly believe that antibiotics will work in most coughs and colds.

“Age Cymru is particularly worried that people may be avoiding having their winter flu jab because they think a dose of antibiotics will cure them if they get the winter flu.

“The important thing to remember is that flu is a virus – it is not bacterial, and therefore antibiotics won't treat it.

 “Vaccination is recommended to people who are aged 65 or over, but you should consider having it regardless of your age if you have certain health conditions such asheart problems; a chronic breathing problem; if you have had a stroke or mini-stroke; if you have diabetes; chronic kidney or liver disease or a lowered immunity.
“Remember as well that if you are the main carer for an older person or someone who has one of the conditions mentioned earlier, speak to your GP as they may suggest that you also have the vaccination.

"Your GP will also be able to tell you about vaccination programmes, but make sure you tell them about any allergies, or if you’ve had a reaction when you were vaccinated in the past.”

If you are a journalist and would like further information, please contact Iwan Rhys Roberts on 029 2043 1562, 07739 894 923,

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