Television licence concessions

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TV Licence concessions

You need a valid TV licence if you use television receiving equipment to watch or record any television programmes as they’re being broadcast. This includes your TV, set-top box, computer, video or DVD recorder, tablet, mobile phone or any other device.

However, you could be entitled to a concession if you're: aged 75 or over (or your household includes someone who is over 75); registered as blind or severely sight impaired; or are retired or disabled and live in certain types of accommodation. 

Free TV licence for over 75s


You need to apply for a free TV licence if you're 75 or over, as it's not given out automatically. If you share your house with someone younger than 75, you can still apply for a free licence but it must be in your name.

You can apply for your concession by calling 0300 790 6165 or visiting the TV licensing website. Once you have your free TV licence, it will renew automatically annually.

If you're 74 when you renew your licence you can apply for a short-term licence. Then, when you turn 75, you should automatically receive a free over-75 TV licence. Contact TV Licensing if you've paid for a full year's licence by mistake.

TV licence concessions for blind and sight-impared people


If you're blind or severely sight-impaired, you can claim a 50% discount on your TV licence. When you apply, you'll need to provide a photocopy of the certificate from your local authority or ophthalmologist confirming your status as well as your TV licence application form and fee. Once you're registered, all your TV licence renewals will be at the concessionary rate.

If you live with someone who is blind or severely-sight impaired, you can get the 50% discount if you transfer the TV licence to the name of that person.

You can apply for your concession by calling 0300 790 6165.

If you've already paid the TV licence fee but qualify for the blind concession, you can fill out the TV Licensing online refund form.


TV licence for care homes and sheltered housing


You may be entitled to a TV licence concession if you live in a care home or sheltered housing. This licence is called an Accommodation for Residential Care (ARC) licence and it costs £7.50.

You'll only need to get one if you watch TV in your own separate accommodation, not if you only watch it in common areas such as a residents' lounge.

To qualify, you must be retired and aged 60 or over or disabled and live in accommodation which is eligible. If you think you qualify, contact the warden, staff or managing authority where you live. They will apply for one for you.

If you've already paid your full licence fee and now qualify for an ARC licence, ask your care home manager to help you apply for a refund.

If you have questions about the ARC licence, phone TV licensing on 0300 790 6011.


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