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Housing options

We can offer details of local sheltered housing and residential care options.

Lady outside her homeWe are able to provide older people with up-to-date contact details and criteria of local sheltered housing, residential care, and care and repair options by helping people use the Housing Care website.


This link will open in new windowVisit the Housing Care website


Our team can help assess older people's housing needs and if we aren't able to help, we can put you in touch with advice agencies who already provide the service.


We will:

  • Ask relevant questions to establish housing needs
  • Identify if the older person is under immediate threat of losing their home
  • Identify if the older person is eligible for statutory assistance
  • Identify who is liable for any repair and adaptation needs
  • Advise on how choice-based lettings operate locally
  • Provide relevant local information on housing options, including availability and affordability

HomeChoice - Choice Based Lettings

Anyone seeking rented or low cost home ownership in Dorset can apply to be put on a waiting list known as the joint housing register.


The district council runs the waiting list and the housing is supplied by housing associations and organisations. All Housing Association properties that become available will be advertised so that you express an interest in properties you wish to be considered for.


Some people may not be able to participate without assistance and they can be helped through the Assisted Bidding List so that bids are placed by Council staff on their behalf.


Properties will be advertised each Wednesday on the following websites.


This link will open in new windowDorset For You


This link will open in new windowDorset Home Choice


This link will open in new windowWest Dorset District Council offices

This link will open in new windowBridport and Sherborne Town Council offices

This link will open in new windowMagna Housing Association offices

This link will open in new windowCitizens Advice Bureau offices

You can also find the property listing in local libraries or by phoning 01305 252427.

Bids can be placed by post, telephone or email:


Phone: 01305 251010



Households will be placed in three bands. Green for those with high housing need, amber for those with are lower housing need and red for those who don’t have an identified housing need.


Priority will be given to those households in the greatest housing need.


Further details can be obtained from the West Dorset Housing Advice Centre using the details below.


Information and advice line

HomeChoice - Choice Based Lettings

West Dorset Housing Advice Centre