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Safeguarding adults

If you know an older person who is being abused or who may be at risk of abuse, then you will find our information useful.

Whether you know the individual involved through your role as a professional, carer, relative or friend, we all have an important part to play in safeguarding them from abuse.

Below is a list of contacts if you suspect abuse but remember in an emergency call 999.

Safeguarding adviceAny form of abuse is unacceptable, no matter what justification or reason may be given for it, and it is very important that we are aware of this and know that help is available.
Download our factsheet for more information:


Safeguarding older people from abuse



Adult Social Care website.




Hackney Safeguarding Team 020 8356 5782


Secure email



Newham Safeguarding Team 020 3373 0440




Tower Hamlets Safeguarding Team 020 7364 5005

Out of Hours - after 5pm and weekends/bank holidays: 020 7364 4079




City of London Safeguarding Team 020 7332 1224

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