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Computer Lessons - One to One

One to One learning, just for you.

Computer lessons at Age UK Folkestone 

Who can help me?

If you are over 50, struggling with technology and want to learn how to use the computer safely, while suiting your individual needs.  


The courses are designed with the individual user in mind, with specific goals planned. The computer course goes through a range of important computer lessons, whilst being fun.


We cater for all individual abilities and have specialist equipment to

problem solve and get the most out of your computer.



First taster session, to see what we do and how we can suit your needs. 


Experienced Trainer ( Harry)

A patient caring trainer, who will tailor a individual service for the clients.


Learning Subjects:

Using the Internet, i.e. Google, Emailing, i.e. Hotmail, Writing letters (WORD),

Computer Safety, Art/ Games/ CD’s, Installing Programs , Posters/ Leaflets/ Cards,

Photos, Painting, Troubleshooting, CD Burning, Excel, Powerpoint, Virus Protection,

Social Media, i.e. Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and much more.



Price List:


· One to One lesson, 1 hour, £10


· Bring a friend (or two), £7.50 per person


Operates every Thursday. Available times vary, contact us to book an appointment for a free taster session on 01303 279621.

To book lessons phone: 01303 279621