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We’re deeply saddened by the hurtful, unfair and misleading allegations that have been made about us by the media.

These comments not only give the public a totally false impression of who we are and what we do, more importantly they also undermine our capacity to provide crucial support to thousands upon thousands of older people every day.

We are proud of our trading arm and extremely grateful for the income it delivers to help fund our charitable services – from reassurance and a cup of tea for older people waiting in A&E, to transport and support to get home safely from hospital once it is time to be discharged, to our ground-breaking research into brain ageing – the list goes on and on.

Age UK staff member providing advice


Age UK supporters, staff and volunteers share why they are #ProudToBeAgeUK

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Age UK is the first and most trusted port of call for so many older people and their families.

Last year over 5 million people came to us for free information and advice, online, or by phone, as well as face to face.

Income from our social enterprises is vital and makes this work possible. And your continuing support and contribution is crucial too.

It’s only with your help that we can continue to provide this and many other much-needed charitable services every day.

And, as austerity bites, demand for our services is continuing to rise. 

It’s only with your help, with you standing strong behind us, that we can continue to do good each day.

Last year:

  • You helped us deliver joined-up health and care services for thousands of older people with illnesses like diabetes and arthritis
  • You helped us reach some of the 1 million lonely older people who haven’t spoken to another person for over a month.
  • You helped our fantastic local Age UKs to deliver keep fit classes, lunch clubs and shopping services to older people in local communities.

Every day it’s you that helps us to deliver this vital work.

So thank you to our 75,000 volunteers. And thank you all for your donations, your campaigning, your running, your baking and knitting - everything else that you do to help us reach millions of older people who need us most.

Everything we do aims to improve the later lives of older people. Thank you for sharing our passion – your continuing support is a source of great encouragement to us.

- Please get in touch if you want to talk to us about anything

Further information

For more information: Call Age UK on 0800 055 6205

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