Help claiming all benefits

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Many local Age UKs or Age Concerns can give a free benefits check.

An adviser will explain each benefit and calculate what you may be entitled to. This could be a combination of benefits and even a backdated payment.

For those of us who find it difficult to leave the house or don’t like talking over the telephone, the adviser can help fill in claim forms and may be able to visit you at home to do so.

Some of us in later life have doubled our income simply by claiming what we’re owed. And remember benefits are revised every financial year, so if you haven’t been able to claim money in the past you may be able to claim it now.

What you can do

For advice on claiming benefits, or to find your local Age UK or Age Concern, please call Age UK free on 0800 169 6565.

Find out about the benefits you may be able to claim on our claiming benefits page.

Other campaigns against poverty in retirement

Ending fuel poverty

One in three of us in retirement spend more than 10% of our income on fuel bills.

Protecting attendance allowance

Campaigning to make sure that what is good about attendance allowance is kept when the way care services are provided is changed.

Carer's allowance and older carers

Many of us care for someone with health problems. We are calling for improvements to carer’s allowance and for greater support for older carers.

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Older people's forums

Have your say in the decisions that affect our lives, by joining an independent local forum.

By working together in local forums, we are making our voices heard on the issues that matter to us in later life, influencing the provision of services locally, regionally and nationally.

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