Lobby your MP on 18 May

State Pension Age - mass lobby 18 May 

Mass lobby: 18 May 2011

Since the proposals to speed up equalisation of the State Pension Age, Age UK has been contacted by angry, anxious women who feel the proposal is unfair, will undermine their plans for retirement and, in many cases, cause significant hardship.

Many of you have already written to your MPs, or will be attending our lobby in person, but for those who can't make it, we're holding a virtual lobby.

Take part in our virtual lobby

If you can’t make the lobby in person, you can participate in our ‘virtual lobby’ by sending an email to your MP today. We have prepared an email for you to customise.

Email your MP

Join our virtual lobby

Let your MP know where you stand, and take part in our lobby against the equalisation of the State Pension Age

If you are attending

Let us know. It would really help us to know how many people will be attending, so that we can make the necessary arrangements to welcome you on the day.

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Contacting your MP

Although you can arrange to meet your MP by completing a Green Card at the desk in the Central Lobby on the day itself, it is a good idea to contact them in advance to arrange a meeting, as MPs are not always in Westminster due their work and commitments in their constituencies and elsewhere.

You can get in touch with your MP’s office to ask about a meeting by calling the House of Commons switchboard on 020 7219 3000. If you are not sure who your MP is, you can find out by typing your postcode into the search box on the website opens link in new window opens link in new window TheyWorkForYou.com 

Alternatively, you can use our pre-prepared template email to request a meeting with your MP.

On the day

Age UK staff will be in Committee Room 14 in the House of Commons. You will have a chance to ask questions and meet other women affected, including some who have spoken out in the media, before going off to meet your MP. Additional copies of the Year Book (the campaign report) will also be available.

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A lady who will be affected by the state pension age changes

State Pension Age Campaign

4.9 million people will have to wait longer than expected for their state pensions. Find out if you're among them.

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