Thank you for helping Age UK fight loneliness

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The voting for Age UK’s entry into the Google Global Impact Awards has now closed.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win an award this year, however for being such a strong finalist we were given £100,000 by Google. As well as receiving this money, thanks to your help, we have raised the profile of our campaign to end digital exclusion and fight loneliness in later life.

Thank you for all your support. You have helped us fight loneliness in later life.


It’s hard to believe that in the UK today, over 1 million older people haven’t seen a friend or family member in a whole month. Too many older people feel desperately lonely, out of touch with modern life, and cut off from society.

The Google Global Impact Challenge

Age UK has been selected as a finalist for the Google Global Impact Challenge 2013 which supports organisations using technology and innovative approaches to tackle some of the world’s toughest human challenges.

Age UK’s Challenge

Age UK knows technology helps reduce loneliness and combats isolation by providing the ability to connect digitally with family and friends, as well as access to invaluable resources like healthcare advice or online shopping. However, 5.2m older people are not yet using technology, and the majority of this group tell us that they don’t see what benefits it would bring.

With the Global Impact Challenge, Age UK aims to tackle isolation and loneliness by using the power of memory to inspire older people to use technology.

Memories are incredibly powerful, and reminiscing about happy times or important people is often inspired by music, film, literature, or images. So we’re going to use the power of memories to show older people how fun and useful technology can be.

We’ll show older people who are not online how easily precious memories can be revisited using simple, web-based technology. Then, harnessing the power of these memories, we’ll invite older people to further events like dances, book clubs or films nights at Age UKs across the country.

At these sociable events older people will have the opportunity to explore their memories further using technology, and while they are reminiscing and having fun, we’ll be able to deliver training in the digital skills that are needed to thrive in our modern world. 

What happens next

Voting for Age UK's entry into the Google Global Impact Awards has now closed.

All 10 charities will pitch their concepts to a panel of prestigious judges on 3 June. The panel will select 3 projects and these, along with the public’s choice, will all receive a £500,000 award.

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