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A cause-related marketing (CRM) campaign which involves your customers can be mutually beneficial to both your business and Age UK. By aligning our brands we can increase awareness, drive sales and raise much-needed funds to support older people.

Consumers are becoming more discerning about the companies that they choose to buy from. The rising number of ‘ethical shoppers’ means that it's increasingly beneficial for companies to align themselves with charitable causes.

Current Age UK CRM partners include:

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innocent have been partners since 2003 on an innovative and highly successful CRM campaign called the Big Knit.

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Leeds Building Society

Donations related to savings in their Caring Saver Account and money raised by local branches helps with our valuable work.

The benefits of CRM

The Brand Benefits Survey conducted in 2003/4 by Business in the Community identified that consumers responded extremely positively to Cause Related Marketing partnerships between companies and charities:

  • 88% of all consumers were aware of a CRM programme
  • 80% felt more loyal and more positive about companies that chose to work with charities in this way
  • Almost half (48%) said they actually switched brands as a result of a CRM programme
  • 2 out of 3 consumers said they want more businesses to run CRM programmes

"Employee fundraising provides an added dimension to a cause related marketing campaign and shows customers you are truly committed to the human and caring values of your brand."
The Marketing Society

A CRM partnership with Age UK would enable your business to enjoy the commercial benefits of working with the largest charity in the UK dedicated to improving the lives of older people.

Email our Corporate Partnerships Team ( or call 020 3033 1356 to find out more about Cause Related Marketing opportunities for your business.

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