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Michelle Mitchell, Charity Director-General of Age UK, wants to ask you something...

Age UK Charity DirectorGeneral Michelle Mitchell calls on everyone to help older people this winter Age UK Charity DirectorGeneral Michelle Mitchell calls on everyone to help older people this winter - Age UK Charity DirectorGeneral Michelle Mitchell calls on everyone to a make a Big Winter Pledge to do your bit to ensure that older people living near you dont suffer needlessly this winter

So, are you up for the Big Winter Pledge?

There’s more than one way to get involved in Spread the Warmth. If you’ve got some spare time on your hands, a few hours could make a real difference to an older person’s life.

And that’s what the Big Winter Pledge is all about – it’s a promise to help an older person in any way possible this winter: whether you’re clearing your neighbour’s driveway or taking five minutes to donate online to our Spread the Warmth campaign.

We'd love to hear what you're planning to do for the Big Winter Pledge! Let us know in the comments below...

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  1. Age UK

    23rd Nov 2012 Thanks for your comment, David. It sounds like you are doing good work in Brent and at Age UK we would very much advocate the kind of approach you are taking. If you are not already in touch with our local partner Age UK Brent, please do contact them.
  2. David Rose

    22nd Nov 2012 I have been working on this problem for the last six months in Brent. Excess winter deaths will become the devloved responsibilty of the Local Authority under the new Public Health framework after March 31 2013. We're trying to bring together 3rd sector partners, GPs, NHS Critical services, LA outreach teams to streamline all fuel poverty referrals through to our central hub, where we will respond with a home visit within 24 hours of referral. We will assess the situation and provide a full range of social interventions from energy advice, income maximisation, budgetting and payment plans. We will also assess the house for cold conditions and commission remedial work under the Energy Company Obligation element of the Green Deal Framework. We are gradually building consensus and support for this localist, bottom up approach from the big six energy companies, DECC, Brent council, even Carrillion. Our localist approach will mean that clients do not have a six month wait for a Warm Front grant to come through - we'll act within days to repair, replace or upgrade central heating systems. We'll provide insulation services, and we already have the means to lend heaters short term, deliver comfort packs and the vital personalised advice so many vulnerable people require.

    For further information drop me a line and I'll be happy to tell you more.
  3. Age UK

    20th Nov 2012 Hi Val,

    Great to hear that you want to help out!

    If you get in touch with your local Age UK, they will be able to point out someone in the area who fancies a visitor.

    You can use this link to find your local Age UK: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/about-us/local-services-search/?keyword=&UserSetLocation=ta19

    Hope that helps. Honey flapjacks sound delicious!
  4. Rakesh Mathur

    19th Nov 2012 Michelle. Why don't you lobby in the parliament about the Government not collecting billions of pounds of taxes from corporations such as Starbucks and Vodafone.

    If the Government is able to enforce the Inland Revenue laws on these corrupt organisations then perhaps the old people don't have to live off on the money collected from your begging of 5 pounds.

    After all the old people have contributed all their lives for their future which this government seems to be squandering.

    I know that your first concern is your job and not the old people, but hopefully your colleagues will do something about it.

    The government has changed the pension laws just before this winter. how inhuman this Prime Minister can be and how impotent orgnisations like yours who did nothing about it.

    Get up and do something, Mihelle.
  5. Age UK

    19th Nov 2012 Hi Jim.

    You can follow this link to our local directory, which shows you to the nearest shop in your area.


    Hope that helps
  6. Jim

    17th Nov 2012 I am trying to find the nearest Age Uk shop. My postal code is TA19
  7. Val Fieth

    16th Nov 2012 Who wants me to come and see them with my energy and joy, in Wekwyn Garden City. Maybe bring some honey flapjack too.
  8. Jane Cooper

    16th Nov 2012 I am the author of the Reg series, on Alzheimer's.
    at www.justcallmereg.com.
    if I could do anything to help and promote this what might it be?


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