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Wendy HiggsWendy Higgs, who was once so cold in her home that she caught pneumonia, tells us how Age UK has made a huge difference to her life.

Wendy is in her early 60s and lives in Buckinghamshire. 

'I don’t like winter at all, because it’s so cold. You put on layers and layers to keep yourself warm, but even though you dress up you’re still cold.

It used to get very cold here in the winter. You could see the frost on the inside of the bedroom window.

My daughter and I would just spend most of the day in the lounge, in front of the gas fire – because we didn’t have any central heating.

You can tell it’s not good for you because if you don’t keep yourself warm, you feel worse. I have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and the weather can really make it flare up.


One winter, I fell out of my chair and had to go to hospital. When I got there, the doctor said I had severe pneumonia and they kept me in intensive care.

I don’t remember much to be honest, it’s all a bit of a blur – but when I got out my daughter told me that, at one point, they didn’t think I was going to make it.

That’s when my local Age UK got involved. They were running a programme to provide home insulation for older people.

They came round and fitted my house with draught excluders, new double-glazed windows, and a new central heating system.

Now it’s marvellous. I still don't like winter – but this will make a big difference.'

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  1. lorraine cash

    6th Nov 2013 Well done Mavis, nice to hear you have had so much help,
    and pass on your information to friends and family. As for Bruno 25th Nov 2012, no idea what world he is living in for clothes lol never heard of the 'Designer Names' he is waffaling on about, get a grip man this is 2013 and our elderly are still suffering at the hands of 'Big Businesses' i.e. gas,water,electric companies who want BIG profits for themselves!!!!! Wish their parents were around now to teach them all to 'SHARE' and 'SHARE ALIKE' you can't take it with you!!!!
  2. Avril

    5th Nov 2013 Your experience was heart warming to know. You are an encouragement to others. At your age one tends to give up but not you. Well done Marvis.
  3. Bruno

    25th Nov 2012 depends on your style. delia's has some really nice pea coats if you are kinda chic and vitange. if you are more modern then try a poofy , fitting coat with fur around the hood from hollister, abercrombie, i think wet seal and/or charlotte russe has some like that too.
  4. Age UK

    21st Nov 2012 Hi Margaret,

    Great news! You can click on this link for a map showing where your nearest Age UK's are:


    Hope that helps!
  5. Margaret Godden-Gray

    21st Nov 2012 Please tell me my nearest Age UK. I would like to befriend some lonely people who are unable to go out and about. My postcode is NR10 5LZ.


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