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The actress Lynda Bellingham

Spread the warmth is crucial to the lives of older people, every winter.

But don’t take our word for it. Take Lynda’s. 

Lynda Bellingham is used talking about hot topics, having been a key member of the Loose Women panel for years – discussing the ins and outs of everything from political news to celebrity gossip.

And now Lynda wants to ‘stand up and shout’ about Spread the Warmth.

Featuring in Saturday's Telegraph Magazine, the actress is urging the public to lend a hand to the Spread the Warmth campaign.

‘When it comes to simple things that can be done to change people’s lives... I want to shout about it.’ Lynda explained during an interview on The Wireless earlier this month. 

‘Spread the Warmth is such a simple way of helping someone, but it brings such joy. I just feel like I have to get out there and spread the word.'

- Find out where your nearest Age UK shop is

Lynda Bellingham chats Spread the Warmth

Lynda Bellingham explains why she is drawn towards the Spread the Warmth campaign, and how you can get involved.

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Lynda Bellingham chats Spread the Warmth

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  1. George Morley

    26th Nov 2012 Perhaps Lynda could put a word in for the frozen pensioners that the British Government ignore and treat in a despicable and unjust way by denying them the pension increases each year just because of where they choose to live to be near their family. There is no justification for it and no excuse but they continually make untrue comments like the need for a reciprocal agreement which we know is untrue. Talk about needing warm clothing , then those pensioners in Canada know all about being cold and they get no uprated pension unlike those in the USA who do get it.
    Logic ? Go figure !
  2. Age UK

    19th Nov 2012 Hello, Rachel and Jennie,

    Great news that you'd like to donate coats. We've added a link to the post above, which will take you to our local directory, where you can search for your nearest Age UK shop.

    Thanks :)
  3. Jennie

    18th Nov 2012 I too would like to donate some warm winter coats no longer used. However I need to find out where to take the coats, a list of local Age UK shops is not readily found on the web page
  4. rachel sykes

    17th Nov 2012 I think this is a fabulous idea. I have sorted out some old and not so old coats which are rarely if ever worn and want to take them to the nearest drop off point. How do I find out where the nearest one is? There doesn't seem to be a route to finding out from the website. I would appreciate some advice.


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