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Spread the Warmth is now in its 3rd year. Find out how we helped older people last winter.

Last year we:

  • Distributed items such as clothes, boots, blankets, heaters and draught excluders.
  • Tested central heating systems, smoke alarms and electric blankets.
  • Distributed 150,000 single room thermometers to Age UK shops to encourage older people to avoid living in low temperatures.
  • Provided help such as shopping support, snow clearance and befriending visits; we also helped with winter-related benefits checks, flu jabs and health checks.
  • Gave information and advice on eating well and keeping moving during the cold winter months.  
  • Funded Winter Celebration projects like Christmas parties, theatre outings, and other social activities. Last year we helped over 13,000 people attend celebratory events.
  • Helped over 300,000 people who called our national phone service - Age UK Advice.
  • Provided 15,209 hours of calling time to lonely and isolated older people across England through our Call in Time service, this included providing specific and timely advice on keeping warm and well.
  • Helped 7,000 people through home energy checks through our handyperson services.
  • Distributed over 450,000 copies of the Winter Wrapped Up guide.
  • Offered vital support to older people through our exercise groups and healthy eating sessions, along with social activities.
  • Partnered with the Met Office to issue Cold Weather Alerts (CWAs) when there was a likelihood that temperatures will fall below the threshold of 2⁰C for a period of 48 hours or more. Local Age UKs were asked to use the CWAs to rally their services around the most vulnerable older people in their area.

To find out what services your local Age UK provides, search our local directory.

This year...

We want to help even more older people – which is where you come in.

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Free advice

Information for people in later life on how to stay warm and well in winter, including money advice.

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