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Protection against prejudice

Legally, there have been lots of positive steps forward for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. But if you do experience discrimination, homophobia or transphobia, there are laws in place to protect you.

The Equality Act 2010

This protects you from discrimination at work or when receiving goods and services. The Act protects you on the grounds of sexual orientation but it also covers other types of discrimination too, including age discrimination.

Examples of situations you are now protected from:

  • Not being offered a job because you are gay (or because you are too old)
  • A hotel refusing you and your partner a room
  • A doctor refusing to allow your partner to visit
  • Discriminatory attitudes from care workers

Find out more in our free Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (PDF 340 KB) information guide. For more information about age discrimination at work, see our work and learning section.

Further information


Our Information guides are short and easy to digest, giving a comprehensive overview of the relevant topic. Factsheets are longer with more detail, and are aimed at professionals.

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