Rural loneliness and isolation

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Loneliness and social isolation are not the same thing, however both are closely related and can have a severe impact on people’s quality of life in older age.

Like poverty and deprivation, loneliness and social isolation in rural areas can be masked due to the disparity in the financial and social positions of different rural households.

Rural loneliness and isolation

Joan gives her thoughts on loneliness in rural areas

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Rural loneliness and isolation

How can your local Age UK help?

Example - Age UK South Lakeland Village Agents

VILLAGE Agents SchemeVillage Agents is a scheme that aims to empower older people in rural areas of South Lakeland to live independent lives and play a full part in their local communities.

Village Agents are volunteers who provide older people with a friendly first point of contact within the market towns, villages and hamlets of South Lakeland. They know the ins and outs of their neighbourhood, and are well known themselves in their communities.

Village Agents provide information, advice and support, and help to develop new community initiatives based on local need. They are supported by village action groups, including volunteers at Age UK South Lakeland.

Village Agents also work with community-based groups and organisations promoting sustainability and development. Last year the team worked with 1,668 older people from across 12 rural areas.

For further information, contact Age UK South Lakeland on 01539 728 180.

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