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Watford and Three Rivers

Age UK Hertfordshire offers many services for older people in Watford and Three Rivers.

Information and Advice, including:

Information and Advice Line

Telephone: 0845 601 3446

Independent Living, including:

Help in the Home
Telephone: 01923 224 472

Home Matters

Telephone: 01923 256 359


Hospital Discharge Scheme
Telephone: 01923 288 649

Visiting Scheme
Telephone: 01923 256 361

Telephone Club
Telephone: 01923 256 361

Telephone: 01992 629 358/01992 634 964



Age UK Hertfordshire Trading Ltd


For insurance and products phone 01923 252947. Opening hours 9am-3.30pm weekdays.


South West Hertfordshire office


Age UK Hertfordshire, 122 Exchange Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 0PL

Our insurance office is also based at this address.

Updated: 04.04.14