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Will writing campaign

24 August 2017

For some years now, Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland has campaigned to reduce the 7 out of 10 people who die without a will.

To that end this year, more than twenty offices of local Solicitors have generously agreed to reduce their Will Writing charges for older people to only £35 + VAT for a single uncomplicated Will. Whilst this is a huge reduction of around £100 with no strings attached, in earlier years some people have chosen to recognise needy local older people by leaving a greatly appreciated legacy to Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland or making a donation, where the need is great especially in these difficult times. 

There is just a week to go before this year’s offer is available from 1st September until 31st October. Hundreds of people took advantage of this superb, low - cost deal last year in what proved to be a very successful initiative by the charity. To get further information and details of solicitors taking part call 0116 299 2233.