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Directors and Trustees

03 July 2015

Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland has a Board of Trustees to monitor the charity’s strategic objectives. The Senior Directors work closely with the Trustees to carry out the day-to-day running of Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland.

Senior Directors

Anthony Donovan – Executive Director
Paul O’Donnell – Finance Director & Secretary
Troy Young – Assistant Director



Mr Graham Smith (Chair)
Mrs Barbara Freestone (Vice Chair)
Mr Simon Lindley (Treasurer)
Mrs Gillian Austen
Mr John Dutton
Mr Bernard Greaves
Mr David Hodgen
Dr Neil Kilpatrick
Mr Malcolm Lindsey
Dr Peter Neville
Mr Paul Richards
Mr Chris Saul
Dr Narayanasamy Vijayakumar (Vijay)
Mrs Margaret Watts



Name Joined Personal Details
Mr Graham Smith (Chair) 2012  Business experience of working in different industries and running a family business.  Knowledge of charity work through Charitable Trust and Livery Company which has Almshouses in Oadby.
Born and bred in Leicester. After leaving University have had a number of roles – now running Kirby & West.
Married with one son. Interests include: running and the gym.
Mrs Barbara Freestone (Vice Chair)  2005 Over 25 years’ experience of managing residential, homecare and day services for older people and strategic planning of services for older people working across the health and social services sectors.  Currently involved in the National Recruitment process for police authorities in England and Wales.
Parish Councillor since 1979, trustee for The Grammar School Hall, Kibworth (community resource). Past school governor, guide/scout leader. Hobbies including gardening and travel. 
Mr Simon Lindley (Treasurer) 2001  Commercial business skills, particularly finance and management.  Fundraising skills and contacts in the professional world.  Organisation structure skills ie: reporting lines, delegated authority, training etc.
Commercial Director Real Estate managing the national sales team with Cambridge & Counties Bank based in Leicester. 
Married to Jill with 2 children (Matthew and Rebecca).
Hobbies include: most sports, season ticket holders at Leicester Tigers and Golf.
Mrs Gillian Austen  1994 Previously served for a number of years on local further education committee; at present on Oadby Educational Fund Committee.  Worked for more than 20 years as Administrative Officer in a teaching department at the University of Leicester, latterly County Administrator (now retired) for Leicestershire and Rutland Alzheimer’s’ Society.
Married with grown up children, I have always enjoyed involvement in local issues. During the winter months I can be found at weekends supporting Leicester Tigers.  I read avidly newspapers and books and support the locally based Bardi Symphony Orchestra in which my daughter is a viola player.
Mr John Dutton 1999  Born in Loughborough in 1937.   Attended Loughborough Grammar School and on leaving in 1953 joined the Police Service.   Remained in the Police, with a break for National Service in the Royal Air Force until 1989 when I retired.   In those 32 years, I served in all parts of Leicestershire and in all branches of the Service except dog handler and policewomen.   Since retirement I have had two part time employments, firstly as an Area Manager during the 1991 census and secondly as a Ground Safety Officer at the Leicester Tigers.
My time is currently filled by my hobbies which are gardening, archery and reading and some voluntary work.   I first became associated with Age Concern shortly after retirement when I became a Trustee at Age Concern Wigston, a position I still hold.   I soon joined the Executive Committee of Age Concern Leicestershire and Rutland now Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland. Other interests are the Retired Police Officers. 
Mr Bernard Greaves 2007  Bernard has considerable experience in non-executive leadership in the public and voluntary sectors, with particular expertise in equality and diversity, performance management, strategic planning, commissioning and procurement, and community economic development.
He currently provides consultancy for the Leicester, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Centre.
Previously he has served as:
• Independent member, Leicestershire Police Authority
• Board member, Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership
• Chair, Voluntary Action LeicesterShire
• Chair, Leicester City West NHS Primary Care Trust
• Director Leicester Shire Economic Partnership
Former trustee of Age Concern Leicester.
He has a degree and diploma in Architecture from Cambridge University.

Mr David Hodgen  1992 Experience in marketing, planning and customer service in addition to general management.
Brought up in Bradford, Yorkshire.  Married to Alison, 2 adult sons.  Degree from Keele University in Economics and American Studies.  MA from the Open University in Literature.
Main interests include: literature, art galleries, travel and walking. 
Dr Neil Kilpatrick  2012  General Dental Practioner working in Leicester for 33 years. Secretary of local dental committee for 20 years. Dental advisor to Leicestershire Health Authority for 6 years. BDA Member. Organise the Great Kilworth Run Charity Half Marathon.
Educated in Sheffield (King Edward VII Grammar School) and Edinburgh University. 
Married with 3 children.
Interests: Sport (tennis, golf, football, running and skiing) and Travel. 
Mr Malcolm Lindsey 1999  Senior Manager for Norwich Union (Former British Army Warrant Officer).  Interests are physical exercise and DIY.
Dr Peter Neville  2014  NHS Old Age Psychiatrist for many years, now retired from clinical practice. Experience in managing, assessing, evaluating and monitoring different systems of care.  Awareness of physical and mental health disabilities/illnesses. Good interpersonal skills, integrity, pragmatism, common-sense.
A Londoner, originally, worked in Leicester mainly throughout professional career, as NHS Consultant, but also Service Director for Leicestershire County for “Psychiatry for the Elderly”.
Interested in voluntary sector contribution to care of elderly with dementia and other mental health problems. 
Mr Paul Richards 2008  Retired as a practising solicitor in March 2015. (Admitted 1980). Specialised in: probate, estate administration, care of the elderly and mental capacity issues with the Court of Protection.
An Equity Partner in Wilson Browne Solicitors. Formerly a trustee of Age Concern Leicester.  Experience of fundraising through the Round Table Association and Masonry.  Involved both professionally and domestically with regards administering the affairs of older people. 
Mr Chris Saul 1999  Since joining AULS&R in 1999 I have built up a fair amount of knowledge with regard to the work of the charity.  I am a practising solicitor with a large firm of solicitors with experience across a large range of matters which are relevant to AULS&R.
My main interest is golf and member at the Leicestershire Golf Club for many years. I am also a past Captain and President of the Club.
Dr Narayanasamy Vijayakumar (Vijay) 2015  As a doctor specialising in older people I have huge experience dealing with medical and social problems encountered by the older population. I have good communication skills and trust older people with empathy.
I come from a large family in India hence keeping a high regard for family values and integrity especially concerning older people. I enjoy looking after older people, not just treating them but also ensuring they have a high quality of life. My hobbies include reading - fiction and non-fiction and sports – cricket and badminton. 
Mrs Margaret Watts 1999  Education – at University of Wales, Cardiff (family background Welsh/Scottish)
Career – 12 years in London Local Government/before coming to Leicester.
Local Interests – WI, member of Oadby WI but also 20 years’ experience of working in Leicestershire and Rutland WI County Federation Committees - including Chair of LRFWI Executive Committee.
Magistrate on Leicester bench until 2014.  Pre-school helper for many years.