Weathering Well

Age UK Lewisham and Southwark supports thousands of older people from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds each year to live healthily and safely during hot or cold weather.

All through the year, whether it be during the Winter or Summer, older people are more vulnerable due to the extreme weather changes. At Age UK Lewisham and Southwark we develop actions and work with the community throughout the year to ensure that the most vulnerable are looked after and supported before they reach crisis point.

Our Weathering Well Programme looks to address health inequalities amongst older people through both Winter and Summer months and offer the following two projects to tackle the challenges of both seasons:

  • Summer Health Promotion

    Providing key messages on keeping cool in heatwaves and falls prevention tips through home visiting Information and advice and events.

    Summer Health Promotion

  • Warm and Well in Winter

    Providing information and advice to support older people to stay warm, healthy and find support to maintain independence through the winter months.

    Warm and Well in Winter