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Lord Mayor's Show 2013

Age UK London are going to have a float in the 2013 Lord Mayor's Show! Find out all the news here.

Age UK London has been accepted to take part in The Lord Mayor’s Show, which will be held on Saturday, 9th November 2013. We are very excited about this and have started to plan our float. The new Lord Mayor will be Alderman Fiona Woolf, who will be only the second lady Lord Mayor in the history of the City. Alderman Woolf’s theme for the parade will be ‘The Energy of Life’ which we think is ideal to demonstrate the energy and contribution of older Londoners to life in the capital.



Lord Mayor


The story so far


We contacted our partners for views on what ‘The Energy of Life’ might look like and received a lot of really interesting ideas; many went along with the concept of showing the many ways that older people are energetic and involved.


We found a design company to work with to produce our float design and also make it a reality – much like building a stage set on wheels! Several design options were created and after a further consultation we chose the design you can find in the links below. It’s an eye-catching, witty reflection of the range of interest and activities of older people which we hope will both amuse and interest the media and spectators.


How could you be involved?


Our float will be accompanied by around 40 Older Londoners, and you could be one of them!


First of all – some facts about the parade:


• There are around 150 entrants. About half will be marching bands and groups of people on foot, the rest will be floats.

• The distance the parade covers is around 1.7 miles, stopping at the half way point for a lunch break. On the move it travels at marching pace. You can find the route among the links below.


• Our float will have a safety barrier all around, and it won’t be possible to get on or off whilst it is moving. It will be possible to get off and on at the lunch break stop, and there will be facilities at this point.


• We want to have people walking alongside the float as well. It will be possible to change over at the half way break so that no-one need walk the whole distance.


• Wet weather cover will be provided both on the float and alongside.


• Mobility: We aim as best we can to include anyone with a mobility difficulty who would like to take part. The parade route is suitable for wheelchair users with pushers, but we are advised that motorised chairs would find it more difficult.


Over 60 and interested?


We are particularly looking for the following:


• Musicians.  If you play an instrument , are confident to stand on a moving float and accompany a medley of songs from the 50s, 60s or 70s we would love to hear from you. As the ‘audience’ will change every 100 yards a short medley will work well.


• People with an interesting activity. There are so many possibilities here, especially if you have a ‘prop’ that you use as part of what you do.


• Were you a 2012 Games Maker? 


• Campaigners. 


Get in touch


Please either email or send a letter to us. Your mail should tell us briefly why you would like to take part and what kind of activity you would like to represent. Relevant contact details are at the bottom of the page.


Rosemary Chapman

Age UK London, 1st Floor, 21 St.George’s Road, London, SE1 4ES