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On the buses

Do you ever have problems with the accessibility of London buses? If you use public transport, do you ever wonder what life would be like if you couldn’t afford to use it? Age UK London, with partners Greater London Forum for Older People and Transport for All, has been looking into these questions.

Wheelchair user boarding a London busThe Campaign

Older and disabled people face a number of barriers when using London bus services, including difficulty in boarding buses, the risk of falling, bus driver behaviour and other passenger behaviour.


We carried out two surveys as part of our campaign. One survey recorded bus driving at bus stops and the other aimed to measure how accessible and welcoming the environment on board the buses was. The first survey was inspired by a survey initially carried out by Sutton Senior Forum in 2009-10.

Download our campaign report


Read about the Day of Action we held on 6 September.


Danny Elliott

Communications and Campaigns Officer