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David Scott is 'a young 89-and-a-half' and goes out once a month - as a street pastor - onto the streets of Tunbridge Wells between 10pm and 4am to offer help and comfort to younger people.

Why he does it

Quite simply, the reason David walks the streets of Tunbridge Wells is to interact and help people. 'Any bits of feedback we get are wonderful,' he says.

'At the end of a night, often it's pure statistics on how many people we've met, and how many pairs of flip-flops we've handed out, but then you can look back at just one person and think about the problems they have and the conversations we have, and it's worth it.'

What it's like

We asked David if it was a nerve-wracking experience: 'No - a lot of people will open up to a stranger, rather than someone they know.'

In fact, he also says that his age is a positive factor: 'I don't worry about being called old when I'm on the street, because usually it's an opening to start a conversation with someone and a way to build bridges.'

Keeping fit

'I go to a weekly keep-fit class,' says David. 'It's not how much they stretch us, but the regularity of it. I also go on a monthly 3-mile cross-country ramble, which just stretches me enough in company.'

And David really does notice the difference when he's below par: 'If I'm not feeling fit, I feel down and my wife says I'm even slower then.'

David explains why he thinks it's so important: 'There's a need to keep going, because there's plenty of life left yet. And even if you've got slight handicaps you fit around that. Just go for it!'

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