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89-year-old Michael from West London has seen his fair share of life. Here he shares some of his wisdom and reflects back on seeing colour TV for the first time.

What makes you happy?

'Life’s journey is all about being interested in everything I possibly can, not worrying about stuff and having a wonderful family.

'I have not only a grandson, but a great grandson. He was born recently and to feel him in my arms, moving, made me feel wonderful.

'My daughter’s always looked after me - since my wife died about 10 years ago, she’s been wonderful and taken care of me.

'She knows I’m diabetic and keeps me on a strict diet. She goes everywhere with me and we have a wonderful relationship of being rude to one another.

'That’s why she won’t let me sing! Despite my beautiful singing voice she will NOT let me sing.'


‘I’m no good at computers,’ says Michael. ‘I don’t understand Facebook or any of that stuff – but what I do is record programmes off the television and in my leisure moments I sit and watch things and learn an awful lot.’

In fact, Michael can even remember the first time he saw a colour TV after World War 2.

Michael Nelson - colour TV

Michael Nelson - colour TV

Michael Nelson, 89, talks about the introduction of colour television.

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On being interested

And being interested is one of Michael’s key mottos in life. He tells the story of an old Chinese man who he knows very well:

‘His family are really worried because he’s not interested in anything any more.

‘He just sits there and looks – he’s about the same age as me and that’s just terrible. You’ve really got to be interested in everything whatever age you are.’

On society and staying in touch

Michael's also a big believer in talking to people and remaining part of a local community.

'How I stay in touch'

'How I stay in touch'

Michael Nelson, 89, talks about society and ageing.

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