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Roland Duckworth, 74, comes from Blackburn and is an avid DIY expert, currently building an extension to his own house, using reclaimed stone.

What inspires Roland?

As well as enjoying DIY, Roland is a fanatical drawer. 'I've been copying cartoons out of the Blackburn Evening Telegraph since I was about 7,' he admits.

He's inspired by all sorts of comic book artists and cartoonists and loves putting pen to paper himself. 'I like the flow of pen and ink,' he says. 'It's a really nice feeling.'

Stone working

Roland loves working with stone and is using a pattern in his extension that he's not seen anyone else doing. 'I just like putting features into the stone.'

He also puts his continued good health down to his love of building and construction. 'I know my limitations,' he says, 'but I like the lifting of stones.'

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