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At 93, Joan Brooks still has naturally brown hair - and with her straight-talking attitude, you can tell she's not a woman who would lie about such a thing...

Joan is a remarkable lady. At 93, she's still incredibly sharp and active.

In fact, she recently celebrated her 70th (that's platinum, in case you were wondering...) wedding anniversary with her husband, Ron.

Given she's evidently very good at staying married, we couldn't resist asking Joan what her thoughts were on the secret to a lasting marriage, and on marriage more generally.

She shares her wisdom in the video above.

Joan talks about her 70th wedding anniversary celebration

In 1944 while the Second World War was raging, Ron Brooks had a month’s leave from military service, so he could marry his fiancee Joan Seabrook.

Joan said the wedding was all very basic. The reception was in a small room above the Coop, and in terms of presents everyone just gave them coupons. And the honeymoon in Weymouth wasn’t exactly most people’s idea of a post-wedding holiday – freezing cold, and with barbed wire all along the cliff tops.

Joan and Ron went on to have 2 sons, 4 grandchildren, and now they even have 4 great-grandchildren.

In March 2014, Ron and Joan's family gathered to help them mark their 70th wedding anniversary with a big slap-up meal in a posh country hotel.

In the video below, Joan talks about how they both enjoyed the day:

Joan talks about how it feels to be 93

Joan feels very lucky to have got to 93.

In the following video, she reflects on ageing, and how she feels now:

We want to make sure that all those in, or approaching later life, have the opportunity to enjoy their retirement.

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