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Boredom busting boardgames

With one or more of these at your disposal you can avoid having to sit through re-repeats, keep the goggle box switched off and have some good old-fashioned (moderately competitive) fun.

Bananagrams Wild Tiles - £16.99 from

The genius of this word play game is that, unlike many others, it requires no board and everyone plays at the same time so there’s none of those yawn inducing breaks. A superb game for the entire family to play, paired up into teams and racing to lay all their letters down before their opponents. Fast-paced fun wordplay.

Smorgasboard - £24.99. Visit

A game devoted to food lovers, Smorgasbord deliciously combines two Yuletide pastimes perfectly. Players compete in culinary challenges in the guise of aspiring chefs and progress around the very arty figure of eight play surface. Indulge in gastronomic trivia, guess missing ingredients, solve culinary anagrams and take part in art based on various foods - warning, gameplay could make you peckish.

Sussed family edition - £9.95 from

Sussed is a delightful game designed to expand imaginations, get conversations going and provide amusing banter amongst all ages. The game asks questions and invites others to offer answers on what they think the reader might do in those situations from a selection of multiple choice answers. Some really interesting and insightful outcomes and of course lots of laughs.

Moustache Smash - £10.00 from

A super simple game that's great fun for all to play. Each player grabs a slightly comical moustache on a stick and, as the cards are turned over, it is the first person to smash their stick on the card to win. You match the card to your moustache by either having the same shape or colour. Definitely a must-have for cupboards across the country.

Obama Llama - £19.99 from

We think that this is probably the first in its class of “Celebrity Rhyming Game” but really don't let that put you off, it is indeed a little absurd but most amusing to play. The object of the game is to guess what your fellow players are trying to act out, or describe. How might you describe Tom Cuise wearing Platform shoes without mentioning any of those words? Or attempt to make the others guess “Tom Jones making Clones” - like we said, a little absurd but all ages can have a go.

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