Presents Under £10

Find the perfect present for your grandchild, no matter what your budget. And don't forget to shop around - there are lots of cut-price promotions in the run-up to Christmas.

Ravensburger puzzle

Ravensburger jigsaw, £8.32

This 33 piece extra-large puzzle is based on Disney's hugely popular film, Frozen. It will keep Frozen fans entertained for hours and features the characters Elsa, Anna, Olef, Sven, Kristoff and Hans. Suitable for children aged 9 years or over.

Digibird, £9.99


Own a songbird without the worry of keeping it cooped up in a cage with one of these amazing Digibirds. Blow on the bird and it will tweet whilst moving its head from side to side and mimicking a real bird. Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

Magic tree, £3

Magic growing tree

Place this two-piece cardboard tree in the container of liquid supplied, and be amazed as, within a few hours, colourful flowers begin to appear and grow on to produce a beautiful miniature tree. Suitable for children aged 10 years and over.

Volcano making kit, £7.50

Exploding volcano workshop

Create volcanic eruptions, lava flows, mineral springs and much more! Become a volcanologist with the Wild Science Exploding Volcano Workshop and watch your very own volcano erupt, up close!

Crystal mining kit, £9.49

Crystal mining kit

Excavate your very own natural crystals. Build and add to your own rock collection, and learn some fun characteristics of different crystals. Contains one plaster block with eight natural crystals buried inside, one specially designed digging tool, one brush, one magnifier, one display case with cover and base card, pouch bag and detailed instructions with fun facts.



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