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Recycling scheme

Every year millions of used printer, fax, photocopier cartridges and even mobile phones are thrown away. All of them can be recycled to raise money for Age UK.

The facts

  • 30 million printer cartridges are disposed of each year which contribute to the 300,000 tonnes of non-biodegradable solid waste in landfill sites every year...
  • 45 million mobile phone handsets are estimated to be unused in Britain...
  • The average consumer replaces their mobile phone every 18 months...
  • 15 million mobile phones are upgraded annually...
  • Which equates to 1500 tonnes of potential landfill every year!

How you can make a difference through recycling

Recycling makes sense and it couldn't be easier! All you need to do is join Age UK's recycling scheme and start sending us your old inkjet, photocopier, fax, laser jet cartridges and mobile phones.


We will then turn those goods into much needed funds! Money raised will help fund vital services for older people throughout the country and in your community.


How your recycling can help

One full bag of valued inkjet cartridges could pay for a hot meal at a lunch club, where older people have the opportunity to meet other people to address loneliness and social inclusion and enjoy a nutritious meal. A visit to a lunch club once or twice a week can greatly enhance the lives of people who live alone.


The other fantastic advantage of this scheme is that you'll be helping to reduce the damage waste does to our world and environment.


How to get involved

Simply call into any Age UK Northamptonshire location with your cartridges and phones and we will do the rest.


Contact Susie Davies using the details below and we will try our best to accomodate you.

Contact us

Susie Davies