Older People’s Arts in Health Festival 2013

Source : Arts Care
Published on 23 November 2012 02:30 PM

Older People’s Arts in Health Festival 2013

The New Year will being an exciting new project to Arts Care in the form of an Older People’s Arts in Health Festival.

The project, which is hosted for the Public Health Agency of Northern Ireland, will bring a range of high quality arts programmes to older people in health and social care and community settings across the whole of Northern Ireland.

The project will take the form of an arts festival that promises to give older people an opportunity to explore and experiment with different arts forms, such as contemporary dance, music, sculpture, film making, creative writing and much more.

The intention of the programme is to unfold older people’s creativity and to offer them a life-long learning opportunity that will involve learning new creative skills that will prove valuable in their everyday life. It is anticipated that new creative skills will not only enhance the older people’s quality of life, but will access them to exciting arts participation.

An integral part of this project will be the engagement of Health and Social Care staff, who will also have the opportunity to unfold their creativity in the workplace.

One of the most exciting things about this project is the level of partnership, which is a critical component of ensuring best practice and widest population reach for this health and well-being project.

The project is to be held from January to March 2013.

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