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Stairlifts and Bathing Aids


Age UK Stairlifts

There’s nothing quite like regaining the pleasure of going up and down your stairs whenever you like. And now you can choose from a specially-selected range of Age UK Stairlifts* (formerly Help the Aged stairlifts) designed to help you – at an affordable price.


We are proud to work with one of the leading UK manufacturers, Handicare, to ensure customers receive first-class service. All stairlifts are guaranteed for quality, reliability, ease of use and safety. A price match guarantee** and a no quibble returns policy is also on offer, if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase.

Here are a few reasons why these stairlifts are a popular choice:


stair lift

  • Free, fast home survey
  • Fast installation
  • Tailor fitted to straight and curved staircases
  • Quiet, stylish and made-to-measure
  • Range of colours available
  • No hard sell
  • Price-match guarantee**
  • Excellent personal service 2-year warranty
  • 14-day no-quibble guarantee returns policy


Age UK Bathing range

One of life’s great pleasures is relaxing in a hot bath, or easing away aches with a steaming shower, so even if you're worried about slipping or getting out, the Age UK Bathing*** range will have something for you.


At Age UK, we have specially selected a range of products designed to put the ease and comfort back into bathing.


We work with Handicare, to make sure you get the best service. All our walk-in baths and showers are guaranteed for quality, reliability, ease of use and safety. And every product comes with a low price guarantee**.


Here are a few reasons why the shower and bath range offers excellent all-round value:

  • Practical and stylish, in a choice of finishes designed to suit you and your bathroom
  • A complete end to end bathroom design service
  • Efficient personal service
  • No hard sell
  • Price-match guarantee**

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For more information:


* Age UK Stairlifts is the product name for stairlifts that are provided and manufactured by Handicare

** Please ask an adviser for verbal or written details

*** Age UK Bathing is the product name for baths and showers that are provided by Handicare