A free Home Energy Check for the over 50s with Age UK Oldham can help to ensure that your home is warm and energy-efficient during the cold winter months, and may even save you money on your bills.

As we get older, our bodies react differently to the cold weather, and it takes us longer to warm up. Exposure to cold weather for long periods of time can make you more vulnerable to some health problems. 
Cold weather causes your blood to thicken and increases your blood pressure, which raises your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Other conditions are also triggered or worsened by the cold weather, including arthritis, asthma and influenza.

Being cold can be particularly dangerous for older people, as we get older, our bodies react differently to the cold weather and can take longer to warm up.

Keeping warm both in and outside your house is vitally important, especially during the cold winter months. Exposure to the cold can make older people more vulnerable to certain health problems including arthritis, asthma and influenza. Cold weather causes blood to thicken and increases blood pressure, which raising the risk of heart attacks and strokes. 

How we can help

Age UK Oldham can offer a free Home Energy Check, carried out by our experienced Energy Advisor.  

Usually taking less than an hour the Advisor will make checks on items such as temperature and draughts as well as offer advice on making your home as energy efficient as possible and reducing your energy bills.

They may also be able to install a range of  appropriate energy efficient equipment free of charge, including:

  • Energy saving bulbs
  • Radiator foils - to reflect heat back into the room
  • Cold alarms to alert a drop in room temperature 
  • Draft proofing for windows & doors
  • Timers for lamps
  • Night lights
  • We may also be able to provide fleece blankets and electric blankets

Our Advisor will also leave you a Keeping Warm Guide and Room Thermometer and will be able to recommend other Age UK Oldham services such as a free & confidential Benefit Check to ensure you are getting everything you are entitled to.

If your boiler is 10 years old or over, you may be eligible for the Oldham Council Warm Homes Boiler Replacement Scheme - click here for more details.

We also offer a Boiler Service for only £55 - which can be paid in two installments.

If you are finding it difficult to keep your home warm in winter or are concerned about a family member or friend contact us for advice or to book an Energy Assessment..


Jo or Sue - Home Energy Checks

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